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This is the story of a man that discovers himself not as an artist, or any other social label we use to identify ourselves, but as a pixel among trillions and trillions of pixels helping to form the unshapen universe together.



Luciano Lagares

Like many of us, I spent a large part of my life just doing things without thinking deeply about them. One day I stopped to figure out what makes me feel like a real person.

My arts - paintings, illustrations, book, animations, texts - show a unique and personal point of view that represents how I have changed myself after bursting up all these balloons that kept me going in life but were ultimately leaving me empty.

What you find here is what fulfills me and gives me my greatest purpose and meaning in life.



A História de Cima (Portuguese only)

A inspiração para escrever essa história veio das ruas de São Paulo, mais precisamente da região da Pompéia,  com seus oásis de árvores verdes em meio ao concreto frio da cidade. Estas velhas e firmes sentinelas, que só a terra pode entender, erguem-se no transcorrer das avenidas principais, se negando a se submeterem ao lugar que as pertence. Falsas seringueiras, que viraram o cenário diário no caminho do autor, se converteram num portal secreto para outra realidade, aquela que só quem sonha está disposto a conhecer.
Texto de Carlos Zaconeta




3 minutes animated short film.
Violent repressive actions are still a reality in many places against the voices that arise, not against anything or anybody, but as just questioning.
The time it takes to eliminate a dissident is fast. However, it may take decades or generations to have people enlighten again and make them thrive knowledge. From thousands of people maybe one or two would be able to understand what is right and wrong in the society and start to question that sharply until being prominent threats to the status quo.



State of São Paulo, Brazil

55 11 994975447

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